2020 goals!

New Year New Goals! What are your 2020 Goals?

Can you believe it is the start of a new decade too!?!  All these new things often coincide with giving us a prompt to consider new goals and plans for the future which is great!! So what are your 2020 goals?

(Here at MOVE) We/the team love helping people achieve their goals! We are particularly well equipped to help you with your physical goals (and breaking down some of those barriers that may be holding you back).  Get us in your corner and supporting you achieve your goals.

Why get us helping out?? 

Because many of the practitioners have experienced firsthand the influx of clients about 3-4 weeks into a New Year who went too hard and fast and end up not being able to continue with their plan (and possibly have done this ourselves).

First – ask yourself the question why?  Why is your goal important to you?  By having a clear why you can better formulate some of the finer details of your goal.  For example if you want to lose weight is it to look good in the photos at your cousins wedding, or to create a long term healthier lifestyle change?  Both goals have their place but will greatly change the how in achieving it.

The how to go about your goal is very specific to you rather than go all out, is a gradual change more likely to work?  With that said though there are some of us who need commit 100% to a change and the gradual approach will not work.  Again, understanding your own why will help you adhere no matter which how is best for you.

In terms of the physical body –we do know that a gradual change in load allows our tissues to adapt to new loads which increases the tissue tolerance to further load and decreases the risk of injury.  A helpful rule is the “Rule of 3”. Start with the particular level of exercise eg going to the gym once per week stick with it for 3 repeats. If there are no adverse issues you are ready to progress.  This is a simplified example and would vary greatly depending upon your own starting point and previous experience.

If you need help – feel free to reach out to our team.  We have Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Pilates Instructors and Massage therapists that can help. And remember you don’t have to wait until the start of a new year, or new week to start making some changes.  We are here to help you out whenever you are ready.


This article was written by our Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist Glenda Walters. Glenda works from both the Brisbane City and New Farm Clinics.

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We don’t think you need a good reason to do pilates! It’s great for all types and abilities and can also make you look and feel like a better about yourself. If you need anymore reasons to start however we asked our head Pilates instructor Erica to give us the 5 great reasons to start doing Pilates today!

1.Pilates takes care of the whole body.

Joseph Pilates designed his program as a way to uniformly develop strength, mobility and flexibility of the whole body, mind and soul. He understood that through a physical fitness program the balance of all these things. He believed it would lead to a well aligned, pain-free, highly functioning and overall very happy human being. “When all your muscles are properly developed you will perform your work with minimum effort and maximum pleasure”Joseph H. Pilates.

2.Pilates can take you from rehab to really awesome!

The progressive nature of the Pilates system and its extensive repertoire of exercises means that no matter your level of ability or fitness a Pilates program is suitable for you. From the most basic rehab to the most challenging and dynamic strength workouts, and everything in between. Real Pilates will make you really awesome bringing you more strength, mobility, confidence and joy in life.

3.Pilates can be applied to all your daily activities.

The deep understanding and awareness of your own body that is developed through a Pilates program is immediately applicable to all your daily activities. You will sit and also walk taller, move with more fluidity and grace and have an enduring strength that can help with all kinds of manual and physical tasks.

4.Pilates contributes to your happiness and mental-wellbeing

Two major components of a Pilates workout are Concentration and Breath. These also happen to be the fundamental components of an effective meditation practice. Before the recent trend in ‘mindful movement’ Joseph Pilates was effectively incorporating these elements into his method of daily movement practice. One of his most famous quotes says it all, “Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness”.Joseph H. Pilates.

5.Pilates is all about you

Authentic Pilates classes are always conducted in very small groups of 1-4 people. This is so that the teacher can guide the student in a way that best suits the individual body and their personal needs. At Move Osteopathy our classes are a maximum of three student so that we can really maximise the personal experience. Small groups can also ensure movement is fun, pain-free, specific and challenging enough to make the necessary changes.

At Move we offer introductory pilates package for new student which includes

  • 10 sessions
    • 1 x private introductory consultation
    • 1 x private follow up consultation
    • 8 x trio group classes
  • Free Pilates grip socks
  • Free massage ball
  • For $450

Contact the James Street clinic for further information and bookings

Studio v’s Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is an individualised, tailored program which takes into account the persons clinical picture, injury history,  and also specific goals. Perhaps you have a knee or back injury or have had some surgery or need to do some specific rehabilitation. Perhaps you are having treatment and have been referred to Pilates. This may be part of your treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. It can be scary starting a movement program post injury or after surgery or a serious illness. We understand you may also feel vulnerable about your recovery. You can be assured we are here to make your movement journey a positive one and even enjoyable! The popularity of Pilates in a clinical settings is because it:

  • focuses on control and precision of movement to promote healing, strength and mobility.
  • Allows the opportunity for correction of poor movement habits.
  • It consists of low numbers of repetitions to avoid pain and poor movement patterns
  • Consists of progressions, within each exercise to assist change and growth without risking injury
  • Has a powerful calming effect on the mind
  • Enables patients to move from acute injury recovery all the way to a high level fitness and performance programs
  • Provides a positive, pain-free movement experience that can also assist in promoting healing, confidence and happiness.

who teaches clinical pilates

Our Clinical Pilates classes are taught by Pilates trained manual therapists. Osteopath, Exercise Physiologist or  a professional Pilates teacher with advanced training. A Clinical program starts with a one-on-one session. Your teacher will take some time to discuss your issues and concerns with you prior to starting. You will start with some gentle pre-Pilates or specific rehab type exercises. If you have been referred from another practitioner your teacher may have already spoken with them (with your permission). These sessions continue as private classes to ensure movements remain focused, precise and also controlled. This allows plenty of opportunities for feedback and discussion of how the movement and session is feeling.

How long should I do clinical pilates for?

The number of private classes required to reach a level of recovery varies from person to person. It can depend on type and severity of injury, commitment to sessions and other factors. Consistency is key in this type of training and we recommend regular weekly sessions. We recommend 1-3 times a week. Your teacher will also continue to liaise with your manual therapist to ensure your journey is a positive, pain-free experience. Our aim is to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Once you have reached this milestone we recommend you continue your Pilates training in one of our Studio Pilates classes. In these classes you will continue to be guided by our professional Pilates teachers. The small group environment is where you will gain further strength and mobility whilst enjoying the full Pilates experience.

* Please check with your private health insurer as private health fund rebates. Rebates may be available with some of our teachers and for those with extras cover *

Studio Pilates

Studio Pilates usually consists of non-specific exercises, which are usually suitable for most people. These classes are great if you don’t have specific injuries that need specific rehabilitation. Studio Classes are a great way to keep fit. They are also perfect and control the way we move and to add strength and tone. They are fun to do with a friend to in a small group. Our Studio classes are taught by professional Pilates teachers with a minimum of a Diploma of Pilates qualifications. Some of our studio teachers may also have advanced training and training in specialist fields.

We have hand picked our teachers to ensure we have the best teachers Brisbane has to offer. Their passion and dedication to sharing the method makes for enjoyable and effective classes suitable for all levels. Our Studio classes are conducted in small groups of up to three students only. We have designed our classes to be small so that we can achieve better results for our students. This allows the teacher to spend time with everyone to make any corrections. Small classes also allow the student some time to work on their own and at their own pace.

Studio classes ensure;

  • precision and also control with all exercises performed.
  • No bad habits. Correcting poor movement patterns.
  • Repetitions are maintain at the appropriate number to maintain correct muscle recruitment patterns for maximum benefit.
  • Exercises and programs will progress over time for maximum growth with minimum risk of injury.
  • Programs progress from beginner to advanced.
  • Positive, pain-free movement that can assist in promoting wellbeing and also happiness!

Private Studio and Duet classes may also available upon request.

If you have any questions or  would like more information please see our pilates page . Also feel free to e-mail our clinic manager brisbane@moveosteopathy.com.au