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Studio v’s Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is an individualised, tailored program which takes into account the individual’s clinical picture, injury history,  and specific goals. Perhaps you have a knee or back injury or have had some surgery or need to do some specific rehabilitation. Perhaps you have sought treatment and have been referred to Clinical Pilates as a part of your treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. It can be a little scary starting a movement program post injury or if you are returning from surgery or a serious illness, and we understand you may feel vulnerable about your recovery, but rest assured we are here to make your movement journey a positive one and even enjoyable! The popularity of Pilates in a clinical settings is because;

  • It focuses on control and precision of movement to promote healing, strength and mobility.
  • It allows the opportunity for correction and repatterining of poor movement habits it consists of low numbers of thoughtful repetitions to avoid pain and undesirable reinforcement of poor movement patterns
  • It consists of methodical progressions, within each exercise and within the sequences as a whole to foster change and growth without risking injury
  • It has a powerful calming effect on the mind
  • It enables patients to move from acute injury recovery all the way to a high level fitness and performance programs
  • It provides a positive, pain-free movement experience that can exceed the patient’s expectations and promotes healing, confidence and happiness.

Our Clinical Pilates classes are taught by appropriately Pilates trained manual therapists, such as an Osteopath, Exercise Physiologist or  a professional Pilates teacher with advanced training. A Clinical Pilates program commences with a one-on-one Initial Consultation where your teacher will take some time to discuss your issues and concerns with you prior to commencing with some gentle pre-Pilates or specific rehab type exercises. If you have been referred from another MOVE practitioner your teacher may have already consulted them (with your consent) to ensure continuity of treatment with the aim to return you to normal daily functions as quickly as appropriate. Typically Clinical Pilates sessions continue as private classes to ensure movements remain focused, precise and controlled, and allow plenty of opportunities for feedback and consultation of how the movement and overall session is feeling. The total number of private classes required to reach a satisfactory level of recovery varies greatly from person to person depending on type and severity of injury, commitment to weekly sessions and other individual factors. Consistency is key in this type of training and we recommend regular weekly sessions from one to three times per week. Your teacher will continue to liaise with your manual therapist to ensure your journey is a positive, pain-free experience to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Once you have reached this milestone we recommend you continue your Pilates training in one of our Studio Pilates classes where you will continue to be guided under the watchful eye of professional Pilates teachers, in a small group environment with a maximum of three students where you will gain further strength and mobility whilst enjoying the full Pilates experience. * Please check with your private health insurer as private health fund rebates may be available with some of our teachers and for those with extras cover *

Studio Pilates

In contrast, Studio Pilates usually consists of non-specific exercises, which are generally suitable for most people. Studio Pilates classes are great if you don’t have specific injuries that require specific rehabilitation. Studio Pilates Classes are a great way to keep fit, perfect and control the way we move and to add strength and tone. They are fun to do with a friend to in a small group. Our Studio Pilates classes are taught by professional Pilates teachers with a minimum of a Diploma of Pilates qualifications. Some of our studio teachers may also have advanced training and training in specialist fields. You may even find a manual therapists or two who also teach Studio Pilates class. We have hand picked our teachers to ensure we have the best teachers Brisbane has to offer, and their passion and dedication to sharing the method makes for enjoyable and powerfully effective classes suitable for all levels. Our Studio Pilates classes are conducted in small groups of up to three students only. We have purposefully designed our classes to be small so that we can achieve better results for our students, allowing the teacher to spend ample time with each one to make the appropriate corrections, but still enabling the student some time to work independently and at their own pace. As with our Clinical Pilates classes our Studio classes are conducted in a way to ensure;

  • All exercises are performed with precision and control
  • Poor movement patterns are corrected quickly to prevent bad habits from forming.
  • Repetitions are maintain at the appropriate number to maintain correct muscle recruitment patterns for maximum benefit.
  • Exercises and overall programs are appropriately progressed over time for maximum growth with minimum risk of injury, moving seamlessly from the beginner to advanced repertoire.
  • A mindful movement practice is maintained at all times for physical wellbeing, mental stillness and spiritual peace.
  • Positive, pain-free movement experiences that can exceed the student’s expectations and promotes supreme wellbeing and happiness!

Private Studio and Duet classes may also available upon request. If you have any questions or  would like more information please feel free to e-mail our clinic manager