Leg Pain

Do you have leg pain?

We often see patients presenting with what they describe as ‘Sciatica’. Usually the patient has pain in the buttock or back of the leg. True sciatica caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve by budging discs or arthritic changes in the lower back. Sciatica will also often be associated with disc bulges and can cause pins and needles, burning, numbness or weakness. You can see our fact sheet on discs here

There are also some other very common causes of pain in the back of the leg such as:

  • Referred pain from strain of joints and other structures in the lumbar spine and pelvis
  • Referred pain from muscles in and around the back, pelvis or legs

We treat Sciatica and leg pain

Whether it is true ‘sciatica’ caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve or simply strong referred pain in the back of the leg an Osteopath or a Physiotherapist can take a medical history from you and assess you in order to diagnose your condition properly. If they are concerned that something is compressing the ‘sciatic’ nerve they may also refer you for a scan.

Once a diagnosis has been made of the cause of your pain we are then able to give you the best advice, management and treatment for your pain.

Manual therapy such as Osteopathy or Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage, specific exercise prescription, stretches and advice can also be useful in helping you manage the pain and recover. Long term rehabilitation and strengthening or core exercises may be valuable.