International Osteopaths

International Osteopaths

Because we are passionate and have a growing business, we’re always looking for like-minded, highly skilled people to join us. We aim to deliver the highest quality and most up to date health care solutions. We recognise the benefits of a diverse team. We’re actively seeking Osteopaths that have completed trained outside of Australia and are qualified in their country to join our team.

At Move we have a Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) agreement with the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection. We can nominate and sponsor international Osteopaths under the 457 visa scheme.

We are able to satisfy AHPRA’s requirements to supervise candidates applying for Provisional Registration via the Competent Authority Pathway.

At move we offer an environment that will draw on your strengths and be rewarding. We will support your needs and goals and most importantly you will feel valued.


MOVE is multidisciplinary Allied Health Care clinic in Brisbane (est 2004) focusing on solutions for musculoskeletal and spinal pain problems.

Our vision is to create a healthcare solution that is accessible and provides a long term, sustainable solution to musculoskeletal pain and injury.

At Move our mission is bring together a team of like minded healthcare professionals. Professionals who value creating outstanding client experiences. Professional who contribute to a process of enabling people to take control of their health by helping them to move and function at their best. We aim to provide patients with a structure to make lasting lifestyle change. 

Our purpose is to engage our clients in a process underpinned by education throughout. Firstly helping our patients understand their movement patterns and the importance of exercised based care. Secondly clearing beliefs about pain that may be limiting progress and recovery. Finally supporting them to develop lifestyle habits that support their long term health creation.

About you:

You have a desire to be part of team that is committed to making a difference in the lives of other people. Your’e committed to contributing and developing an amazing workplace culture where you value your teammates. You thrive on results and enjoy being social.

learning new things and innovation appeals to you. You really love what you do and it is important to you to achieve outstanding results and to create memorable and outstanding client experience. Making a difference through innovation and collaboration is important to you.

You are passionate about Osteopathy, rehabilitation with exercise. You have a strong interest in and a desire to learn advanced manual therapy techniques. Finally you understand the importance of patient education and are aware that developing your patient management skills is an important thing you can invest in to achieve the best outcomes.

If this sounds like you enquire to