About MOVE

About Move


 Move is an Allied health care clinic that focuses on solutions to musculoskeletal and spinal pain problems.


Move has been delivering health care solutions since it was established in New Farm, Brisbane, by Principal Osteopaths, Dr Giulian Di Venuto and Dr Kellie Rawlings, in 2003. We have grown to become a large team of integrated multidisciplinary health care providers with clinics in Brisbane CBD, Alexandra Hills and New Farm.

Our aim is to provide our patients with the highest standard of care, pain management solutions and an outstanding experience.

We value ongoing learning and within our practice we meet regularly to discuss, learn and improve on our skills. We aim to deliver the highest standard care possible to our valued patients.

At Move we pride ourselves on our collaborative, team-oriented approach, our knowledge as well as our evidence informed approach. We also aim to provide exceptional and fast results and high quality, professional and ethical approach to our patients.

Our diverse backgrounds and experiences enable us to also provide our patients with a wide range of treatments.

We have been treating people in Brisbane since 2003. We are a trusted clinic and receive patient referrals from GP’s and other Allied Health Care and Fitness professionals. Over 80% of referrals also come from ‘word of mouth’ by satisfied patients..

At move we offer a personalised service with ‘one-on-one’ consultations within a private room. We listen and are dedicated to thoroughly examining and understanding the patients’ problem. We are also dedicated to providing the safest most effective treatment and management possible.

You will not share a treatment space with other patient (other than a ‘group’ Pilates class). We also do not consult multiple patients at the same time. Our sessions starts with a medical history, examination and also assessment. A diagnosis will be made and you may be sent for further imaging or investigation if needed.

Once a diagnosis has been established, the practitioner will discuss options. Finally we always seek a patient informed decision on treatment, management and rehabilitation.

All of the team at MOVE have the highest training available for their field. We also complete continuing professional development as a part of our ongoing registration.


Dr Kellie Rawlings

Dr Kellie Rawlings

Principal Osteopath & Co-Director

Dr Giulian Di Venuto

Dr Giulian Di Venuto

Principal Osteopath. Director of Operations