Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

In general, sports injury management is multifaceted. Sports injuries require expert guidance, a multi disciplinary team of outstanding health care professionals and a progressive plan.

Often injuries are simply just small tears and bruises. However, to prevent, restore, rehabilitate and optimise the body’s performance, a collaborative, multi disciplinary approach can be helpful. Our Osteopaths are a suitable and appropriate first contact for assessment and diagnosis of sports injuries. It is very important to receive an accurate diagnosis and prognosis at the beginning of your health journey.

Osteopaths have a deep knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and mechanics of the body. This allows your Osteopath to be the ‘central cog’ in the treatment, management and rehabilitation of your sports injuries. It also gives them the knowledge to engage other providers, where required, to help improve your performance and recovery.

Sports injury management starts before the injury occurs. While Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Massage and exercises such as Pilates, may be effective treatments for all the strains, sprains, tears, breaks etc that may occur while training or competing. An expert ‘performance team’ may help to ‘tune’ and optimise the body before, during and after a race.

For athletes, preventative care and maintenance can help identify areas that are not functioning at their best. These areas can lead to imbalance across joints or muscular regions causing problems. Identifying these area early allows our practitioners to attend to the disharmony, develop long term solutions and discuss with you how to reduce the risk of these tissues fatiguing and eventually failing or becoming a long term, chronic problems.

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