Our Philosophy | Move Osteopathy



Our main message is to MOVE!

All mechanical systems must continually move or they stagnate and degenerate.

Maintaining mobility, strength and suppleness is important to optimal health.  In the first instance, our aim is to find those specific areas of the structure that are restricted or have stagnated in their ability to move and then to restore these regions to their optimal functioning.


Every patient is a unique individual and regardless of their symptomatic state, each individual needs a specific and specialised treatment regime where the ultimate aim of treatment is the empowerment and engagement of the individual to live their life with purpose and passion, to engage in a regular stretching and strengthening exercise program, to eat nutritious food and drink enough water each day and to maintain a positive outlook where ever they find themselves.


We aim to empower our patients to engage with health creating activities and to choose their health as a priority. We hope to help our patients learn how to love the process of growing, nurturing and enjoying their health.

We believe that Move is absolutely the perfect place to start your journey towards your optimal health.