posture and ergonomics

Posture and Ergonomics

We here at Move Osteopathy in Fortitude Valley, New Farm and the Brisbane CBD know that you have heard about ergonomic desk assessment. But do you know why it is such a hot topic these days? We at Move understand the problems that come from changes to your posture due to ergonomics. At home, in your car at a leisure space or in the office. We can help you to understand the likely causative factors and take steps to correct them.

Often chronic pain can result from ergonomic mishaps in your everyday life. You can change the ergonomics around you with advice from us here at Move. This may lead to reductions in your daily pain experience. Based in the CBD, New Farm and Alexandra Hills we are conveniently place to help.

At Move, we are very passionate about working with people who really want to improve their posture and the way they use their body everyday to improve their musculoskeletal and general health.
We believe posture is a critical thing to address for anyone who is serious about creating change in their pain and function.

It is possible to assist postural patterns with ‘hands on’ therapies. The best results and lasting changes are usually achieved by addressing the underlying factors such as ergonomics. Patients that engage in a consistent strength and exercise regime and stretching may achieve even better results!

So now you know what we can do and that we have the knowledge to also tell you what to correct or areas to look at and the advice to help you correct problems once you find them why not click HERE to book online today for your first step to a more upright you!

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