Cycling Analysis & Bike Fit

Cycling Analysis and Bike Fit – Brisbane

We know cycling is a popular method of exercise with record numbers participating in events as well as a common commuter method. According to the Guardian, a study published in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) and conducted in April 2017 found that regular cycling cut the risk of death from all causes by more than 40%, and cut the risk of cancer and heart disease by 45%. It is also shown to markedly help with depression and anxiety. In 2011 to 2016 in Brisbane alone the numbers of people cycling to work increased by 14.62%.

This statistic may seem large but it makes sense when you consider that people who ride to work not only save time and get fit, but save from $6,000 – $15,000 which is usually spent on fuel, car repairs, public transport tickets and parking. Not to mention cycling is zero emission transport meaning it’s also good for the planet! But why am I telling you this?! You are probably a cyclist already or likely wouldn’t be on this page! So I’ll stop preaching to the choir! Unfortunately however, as with any physical activity cycling does come with a risk of musculo-skeletal problems.

Common injuries associated with cycling include:

  • Knee pain
  • Neck/upper back pain
  • Wrist/forearm pain or dysfunction
  • Foot pains or altered sensations
  • Urogenital problems

Cycling injuries can be split into two types:

  • acute injuries or
  • overuse injuries.

Typically cycling injuries are overuse injuries. This is because our bodies cannot adapt to the demand we place on it when cycling regularly for long distances or when newly taking up cycling. This is often associated with training errors causing a sudden increase in stress placed on the bodies tissues or bike fit which is probably the number one reason for developing an issue especially if you are a commuter cyclist.

Cycling Analysis Brisbane & Retraining

Here at Move we want to get you back on track. If you are currently cycling we also want to keep you cycling. If you are injured, we want to help you return to cycling as safely and quickly as possible without causing a re-lapse or worsening of your condition.

Our cycling assessment will compromise of:

  • Tailored cycling history.
  • Education as well as management.
  • Cycling gait analysis and assessment.
  • Bike fitting is also available and highly recommended for anyone with cycling related pains

Our cycling assessment will comprise a history of your cycling (eg: new, veteran, competitive, leisure or commuter etc). Information such as your past and current training loads (distance, intensity and types of sessions), footwear and bike fit. We will also discuss other aspects that can affect your tissues alongside your training such as rest, sleep and stress.

Bike Fitting

  • Fitting and assessment of you on your bike on a static trainer in the clinic.

Video analysis or in person assessment on a static trainer will then be utilised to assess your cycling form and help us understand why specific tissue may be under more load. Modifications may be needed to help you reduce your injury risk as well as help you improve your cycling. Educating you about your condition as well as how to best manage it is the corner stone of our consultations. With the information we can then make a management plan for you. This can help you to reduce your pain levels and continue or return to cycling in a safe manner. This may include exercises, training plan modifications, return-to-ride programs and also guidance on footwear and bike fit.

Appointments for cycling Analysis Brisbane & Retraining

Our Osteopath Dr Nick Foulds has a special interest in cycling assessment, performance and management of cycling related injuries and complaints. He has worked with the royal British legion twice on their Pedal to Paris tours from London. Working on the cyclists along the tour from London to Paris. He has also worked out of the Olympic Velodrome in London turning his hand at everything from road cycling, BMX and mountain biking to track cycling on the velodromes 42 degree banks!

Nick also cycles to work daily truly he is one of you. If you would like to see Nick, he is available

You can book directly with Nick, just be sure to select Dr Nick Foulds as your practitioner. Or contact him via email for further details