How we treat

How we treat with Osteopath or Physiotherapist

Tailoring treatment for you

How we treat with an Osteopath or Physiotherapist at Move is by offering treatment from well trained therapists in a modern clinical setting. Treatment at Move can be with an Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Remedial Massage therapist or Exercise Physiologist. All treatments will take place in private treatment room. Exercise based therapies take place in our own gym or pilates spaces within our clinics. We see one patient at a time (except for group fitness or pilates) and as a result we are completely focused on you.

Used alone or in combination the services we offer at Move can be a good approach for many people and for many conditions. Because we also understand how we may be able to help restore movement and reduce pain we are often the first port of call for many common aches and pains. We use hands on treatments and are also able to show you the best exercises and activities for you.

At Move we work in the following way to help our patients

  • RELEASE – Using hands on treatment to release tight muscles and joints
  • RETRAIN –Helping you become aware of your movement and teaching move correctly
  • STRENGTHEN –Strengthen and improve your ability to perform daily tasks, your work and your athletic performance using exercise.
  • MAINTAIN – Improving your posture and keeping movement in your life

Here at Move we don’t just treat of injuries and pain. How we treat at Move is An Osteopath or Physiotherapist will also assess your general posture, performance and well-being. After this they will offer suggestions for a more positive and healthier lifestyle. Often this can include different therapies and exercises which can helps with many areas of your life.

To make life simple we offer online booking across all of our Brisbane locations.