Work Health & Ergonomics

Ergonomic Assessment Brisbane, Move Osteopathy
Ergonomic Assessment Brisbane

Ergonomic Assessment Brisbane

We attend work sites to conduct work health and ergonomics assessments. We can also arrange manual handling assessments and provide onsite health care.

Identifying risk in the work place and by improving the ergonomic arrangement can:

  • Improve absenteeism by reducing injuries such as occupational postural strain syndromes and overuse injuries from computer and desk work
  • Assist in increased productivity as well as morale amongst the staff
  • Assist in faster return to work times.
  • improve health of the work force in general.

Chronic postural strain often arrises from prolonged or repeated activities or poor postures, such as that associated with sitting at a computer all day or sedentary work.

When we sit for a prolonged period we get tired and we slump, causing us to curve our middle back and shoulders forward and in order to look ahead we will poke our chin out.


  • The neck becomes short as well as squashed (see our blog on text neck)
  • Headaches, backaches
  • Hunched appearance
  • Shoulders rolled forward and elevated
  • Stiffness and decreased flexibility
  • Tightness in neck, back and shoulders that is no relieved for very long with stretches or massage
  • Low back pain – low back curve increases to balance the increased “hunched” posture.


  • Poor chair – not enough contact with the back of the chair to stop you slumping (see our blog post on this)
  • Poor office set up – keyboard up too high, screen in the wrong place etc (Check out a fact sheet here)
  • Too long in your chair without a break and too long at the computer
  • Other activities – too long sitting on couch, driving and not enough stretching or the right exercise for you.
  • Over time your joints get ‘stiff & stuck’ in your poor posture position


  • Awareness of your posture – limiting poor posture form computer use etc
  • Stretches, exercise and regular breaks
  • Treatment
  • Ergonomic assessment  where we can identify potential problems and make recommendations to improve your work space

If more information or to book an assessment please contact us today