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Fact sheets – Move Osteopathy

Below is our list of fact sheets available to view or download (PDF). Fact sheets are intended as general advice only and do not replace a consultation with a health care professional or replace their advice. The fact sheets are for simplifying explanations of common conditions and avoiding the lengthy and confusion ‘google’ search on conditions.

We are constantly adding to our list of information and fact sheets for our patients.

You may also find a lot of useful information on conditions, treatments and general lifestyle advice on our blog. You can view current articles and search older ones too. We regularly add to our blog with articles from a range of our practitioners. Check out the blog here.

Finally keep up -to-date with us on our social pages. Our team members post information and videos a few times a week with great tips and advice, simple stretches and exercises that are most relevant to our patients. You can follow us on facebook and Instagram and leave us comments and requests.