Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

Are you looking for some simple shoulder strengthening exercises? The shoulder is a very complex joint that is often neglected when it comes to strength. Whilst being one of the most mobile joints of the body, it also stands as one of the most unstable, thus predisposing it to injury. It plays an important role in everyday tasks and hence is important that we keep it as healthy and strong as possible.

The shoulder is supported by scapular stabilising and rotator cuff muscles. The Rotator cuff consists of 4 muscles: Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Subscapularis and Teres Minor. These muscles all arise from the scapula and attach onto the head of the humerus, to form the gleno-humeral joint

Balanced strength and flexibility of these muscles is vital in maintaining function and stabilisation of the shoulder. This video shows 4 shoulder strengthening exercises you can perform to help strengthen up your shoulders. When done regularly and correctly exercises like these can help to develop and improve strength around the shoulder.

  • Side-lying ER
  • Y Raise
  • ER Press
  • Drivers

Remember to consult a health care professional such as an Osteopath or a Physiotherapist before starting any exercises to make sure these exercises are suitable for you. It is also important that you have good technique when doing the exercise to avoid injury.

We do not recommend that you try any of these exercises if you have any kind of shoulder pain or a shoulder injury. If you do have shoulder pain or a specific shoulder injury you will find other helpful videos and facts sheets on our website on topics such as