Foodie Friday – Need a healthy afternoon or post work-out pick-me-up?

EAT WELL area of the blog i wanted to share with you one of my favourite healthy 3pm pick-me-up sweet treats. They are made with dried dates (mainly) which I know still have a natural sugar content …….. but it’s a whole lot better than the refined white stuff. This recipe for my sweet treat power balls is super easy and they cure the afternoon sweet cravings with a lot less guilt than a chocolate brownie. Try them……they taste REALLY yummy i promise! They are sugar free and no butter or eggs. No baking and made in 10 minutes with no mess. I guarantee they will give you more energy than any sweet biscuit or cake and fix the sweet craving Enjoy 🙂

2 cups of pitted Dates
1/2 cup of Gogi berries (or you could use cranberries or figs if you like)
4 cups boiling water
2 tbs cocoa powder
200gm (approx) almond meal (you could also use LSA, hazelnut meal or a mixture or any other ground nut mixture you like)
coconut or ground nuts for dusting
Directions: Soak the dried fruit for 15 – 30 minutes in the boiling water until it has softened. Drain off the excess water. (save a small amount incase your mixture is a bit dry and needs softening later. Put into a mix master and blitz until fruit is like a paste. Add the almond meal and cocoa powder and blitz until combined. It should be a consistency that you can roll into small sticky balls. (add some of the soaking liquid or more almond meal until the consistency is correct). Roll into small balls and roll them in the coconut or ground nuts. Store in the fridge.

Foodie Friday – Awesome healthy smoothie that actually tastes YUM!

Get Healthy Green Smoothie.

1 washed large leaf of sliverbeat (middle hard stalk removed)
1 washed large leaf of kale (middle hard stalk removed)
2 washed cos lettuce leaves
5 or so small baby spinach leaves
1 chopped up kiwi fruit (firm core removed)
1 banana
1 cup of coconut water
a dash of apple juice…. or more if you like a bit of sweetness.
optional extras – a dash of spirulina powder, your fav protein powder or chia seeds.
Put it all in your jar or jug and give a good blitz with bamix until all the green bits are crushed up into a smoothie consistency. The smoothie should be drunk straight away and I always use organic fruit and veg if i can.
Hope you enjoy 🙂