Dr Caroline Patin – Osteopath

Dr Caroline Patin

Associate Osteopath

Dr Caroline Patin – Osteopath

Dr Caroline Patin – Associate Osteopath

Caroline graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in London, UK with a Masters degree in Osteopathy. She strives to support her patients as best as possible in their journey to a healthier and happier life. She has completed CPD courses in Pain Science, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Mindfulness and Paediatrics as she loves to deepen her understanding of pain and the body.

Caroline is originally from the South of France and has worked as an osteopath in New Zealand for 2 years. She decided on a future in osteopathy in her adolescence having been treated by an Osteopath. Her fascination of the ability to restore health to the body using manual techniques alone only emphasised her desire to pursue a career in osteopathy.

She has a special interest in chronic pain and treating pregnant women but is also confident in treating all ages and types of injuries.

Caroline’s tailored treatments use a plethora of techniques including but not limited to soft tissue massage, articulations, manipulations, visceral techniques, BLT and functional techniques, muscle energy techniques and strain counter-strain etc. Her treatment is not limited to the clinic, she also provides patients with exercises to do at home, such as breathing, stretching and/or strengthening exercises.

Caroline’s aim during her treatments are to empower patients with knowledge about their pain, to reduce fear, restore agency and confidence in their own body.

Outside of work, she enjoys keeping fit by practicing yoga, hiking, SUP boarding, skiing and snowboarding. She loves traveling and exploring new cultures and landscapes, hence her recent move to Australia.

Dr Caroline Patin – Associate Osteopath is available at our Alexandra Hills Clinic on Tuesday – Friday