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Back Pain

Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Massage and exercise methods such as Pilates, may be effective treatments to assist with both the long and short term treatment and recovery of back and spinal pain. They are often used to complement standard medical care and can sometimes help to reduce reliance on pain relieving medications.

Osteopaths in particular are focused on the assessment and treatment of back and spinal pain. Osteopathic treatment may help to provide solutions for the following types of back pain:

  • Sharp, acute, burning, shooting, radiating or throbbing pain.
  • Dull, uncomfortable, aching or chronic pain.
  • Tight, stiff, locked up aches and pain.
  • Sharp or uncomfortable pain with movement.

Osteopaths are trained to examine your pain properly to identify and rule out more serious and sinister causes that may be associated.

Osteopaths are taught to differentiate and diagnose the origin of the pain and they are able to refer to other medical providers if they determine that your pain requires further investigation. Osteopaths can refer for diagnostic imaging such as spinal x-ray and MRI if it is required.