Dr Dan Hodgins

Dan has a history of playing competitive tennis, baseball and rugby from a young age and into his high school years. After a shoulder injury stopped him playing competitive sports, he found that osteopathic treatment gave him the best results as it combines the synergistic understanding of how structure and function are related to functional biomechanics.

Dan has an 8 year background in personal training and structural/physical assessment, with a keen focus on integrated functional movement patterns and altered biomechanics. His experience and knowledge of soft tissue and joint dysfunction sets him apart from other Osteopaths

“I bring a unique holistic approach to each individual. This gives superior treatment results to my patients. I work towards helping them be able to quickly return to living the lifestyle they love and the resuming the activities they enjoy”.

Dan is experienced with a structural treatment approach in the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions. With the incorporation of a range of treatment techniques this allows him to treat injuries related to sports and common strains.

Dan has a bachelors of clinical science and his masters in osteopathic medicine (SCU). He is a registered Osteopathy Australia member and has a special interest in treating pain and dysfunction in the head, neck, shoulders and spine.