Kari Cuffe

Kari Cuffe


Kari Cuffe

Kari CuffePodiatrist. B. Pod. (University of Newcastle)

AHPRA registered Podiatrist, Australian Pain Society, A.Pod.A & Sports and Exercise Podiatry Australia member

Kari’s introduction to the world of healthcare began on the Gold Coast where she grew up and began studying at Griffith University. An audition for Tokyo Disney during her first semester of university resulted in a temporary change in professional direction, leading to a 12-year career abroad as a professional dancer, actress, singer, and aerial artist in multiple countries spanning several continents. Her work spans places such as Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea; Moulin Rouge, Paris; several Palazzos in Germany and multiple venues throughout Hong Kong, Singapore, and China.

Her time as a performer offered amazing opportunities, although it also highlighted the demanding nature of being a professional athlete or movement-based performer and the importance of being able to continue with high-level movement whilst managing injuries. She also was exposed to many healthcare professionals over the years that had a lack of understanding as to what was required when working in high-performing fields. A career-ending injury of a close friend drew Kari’s attention to her nagging desire to be of service and help in a way most health professionals cannot, leading to her returning from overseas and studying Podiatry. 

Kari’s obsession with Podiatry and in particular locomotion (the ability of humans to move forward) is at the heart of her treatment style – keeping her patients moving while they heal as well as improving their quality of movement. Whether via walking, swimming, leaping, or jeté, Kari is committed to keeping you moving forward. Similarly, being and more importantly, staying conditioned is a lifelong pursuit and she has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Kari is experienced in a wide variety of Podiatric modalities with a focus on biomechanics, surgery and dance-related injury prevention and management. She also has extensive experience as both a dancer and dance teacher, with RAD and CSTD qualifications.

Kari CuffePodiatrist is available to assist with all of your foot health needs at both our New Farm and City locations Monday to Friday.