Dr Sam Nevins


Dr Sam Nevins

Registered Osteopath

Dr Sam Nevins

Dr Sam Nevins – Registered Osteopath
Senior Associate Osteopath

Dr Sam Nevins graduated in 2010 from RMIT university in Melbourne. He started his professional career in well regarded osteopathic clinics in Melbourne before relocating to Brisbane in 2015 with his wife Caitlyn.

Sam has a sports background in AFL, weight training, swimming, golf and crossfit. He has firsthand experience with high training demands, rehabilitation and management of acute and chronic injuries.

Sam’s osteopathic practice places a high importance on form and proper technique with any daily activity, whether it be heavy squats, sitting at the desk or lifting from the back of the ute.

He believes osteopathy is an exceptional profession that focus getting to know the client as well as their medical history and presenting injuries. Sam also enjoys working alongside other health disciplines to achieve best patient outcomes.

From a junior age, Sam has been fascinated with the biomechanics of the human body and what it can achieve with consistent training and development. Sam found Osteopathy with the help of a traumatic low back injury from an AFL game which lead him to his first osteopathic consultation. From this treatment, Sam found his interests of the structure and function of the human body aligned with the principles of Osteopathy. A pathway into the osteopathy course soon emerged.

Sam has a keen interest in treating lumbopelvic injuries, postural neck and shoulder discomfort and also has experience with sports and work related injuries.