Dr Nick Foulds – Osteopath


Dr Nick Foulds

Associate Osteopath

Dr Nick Foulds – Osteopath

Dr Nick Foulds – Associate Osteopath
Registered Osteopath

Dr Nick Foulds is a passionate Osteopath who loves witnessing the benefits Osteopathy gives to his clients. Nick graduated from UWIC the centre of excellence for sport in Wales with a bachelors in Sports biomedicine and nutrition. He went on to complete his Masters in Osteopathy at Swansea university. This combination gives Nick an excellent insight into the many and varied factors that can contribute to health problems.

Areas of Interest

As Nick regularly engages in a variety of sports he has an excellent empathy towards sports injuries. Nick is particularly fascinated in treating acute traumas related to sports. Nick’s approach is ideal for those suffering any pains from acute to chronic. He has previously treated many headache sufferers and those with jaw pain as well. The interconnected nature of the human bodies construction fascinates Nick and its understanding allows him to find the cause of pain that has been bothering patients for years.

His background in Nutrition also allows him to help you with issues you may have relating to diet and nutrition. He can help advise you on positive dietary and nutritional changes to promote recovery and ongoing healthier living. Nick uses a wide range of techniques during his treatments personally tailored to each case. Techniques that range from very gentle and subtle through to more robust manipulations and deep soft tissue techniques.

In his spare time Nick loves getting out into nature and pit himself against the challenges it can present him. Be this waves to surf, water to paddle, wind to catch, snow to shred or rock to climb he loves it all! Lastly due to Nick’s obsession with climbing he is particularly knowledgeable on climbing injuries. In particular finger, wrist, forearm and shoulder dysfunctions and post injury rehab regarding these injuries and tendon damage.

Dr Nick Foulds is available at our City (Elizabeth Street) and New Farm (James street) Clinic Monday to Friday.