Dr Eleni Vogt


Dr Eleni Vogt

Senior Associate Osteopath

Dr Eleni Vogt

Dr Eleni Vogt – Senior Associate Osteopath
Registered Osteopath

Eleni started her career in the health industry as a Remedial Massage Therapist and later studying Osteopathy at University

Eleni prides herself on her assessment and treatment style, addressing the cause of your health concerns. She is passionate and committed to providing each patient with education and management for complete care and long term results.

Eleni treats the whole person, body mind and spirt. For instance she understands the importance of discovering any environmental factors, structural and any psychological concerns that may be contributing to your condition.

Eleni has had a lifelong interest in all forms of dance. She was the physical therapist for her local dance troupe and enjoys treating dancers. Working with dancers included strength training, advice, injury prevention and ongoing management.

Eleni has studied Pilates and also has a keen interest in ergonomics. She is interested in the effect of poor posture on overall health as-well as neck and shoulder pain to low back pain and headaches.

As an Osteopath and a mother, Eleni has an interest in treating infants and women’s health. Eleni completed her Masters Research Project on Osteopathy in the treatment of colic. Eleni believes osteopathy helps people from of all walks of life and all ages. She has worked with young children right through to aged and palliative care. Eleni is a strong believer in patient’s education and awareness. She teams with her patients to achieve the most optimal health outcome.

Dr Eleni Vogt is based at our Brisbane Bayside Clinic in Alexandra Hills. She is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays