Dr Rebecca ThomasAssociate Osteopath

    Rebecca is from Northern Ireland and graduated with a Master’s of Osteopathy from Oxford Brookes University in June 2015. Since then Rebecca has worked in two busy clinics in Northern Ireland where she has treated a range of patients from athletes, pregnant women, desk-workers to the elderly. Rebecca is a passionate and driven person who strives to do her absolute best for each individual patient.


    Rebecca is a keen runner and has completed many 10k and half marathon races whilst training in Oxford. She unfortunately suffered from her own running-related knee injury but this did not stop her in her tracks; it only lead to hours of researching running-specific rehabilitation.


    She also competed in gymnastics from an early age and went on to teach gymnastics at her local club. However, when she went to university she translated her gymnast skills into learning yoga. Rebecca is now a self-taught yogi and blends yoga stretches into rehabilitation programmes tailored to fit each individual patient’s needs.


    Rebecca also has a passion for diet and nutrition, she completed a Diploma in Adult Nutrition in 2015 and has explored the different ways in which correct nutrition can help speed up recovery.


    Rebecca’s approach to osteopathy is structural and holistic; with a particular interest in the biomechanics of the body. When Rebecca is assessing a patient she takes into consideration every aspect of their life, whether it’s work, family life, stress or exercise; this helps her to develop a deeper understanding of the source of the pain.


    Rebecca’s treatment consists of; soft tissue treatment, muscle strengthening, muscle stretching, joint mobilisation and joint manipulations. She also uses kinesiology taping when needed, to help prolong the affects of treatment. You will never leave Rebecca’s treatment room without some homework to do, as she believes self-maintenance between sessions is the key to rehabilitation success!






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