Nick LeaskPersonal Trainer

    Nick has been in the Fitness Industry for over 9 years after completing his Fitness Certificates at Queensland Academy of Fitness. He has worked with a range of patients from Sporting Teams, Injury Rehabilitation Patients to Weight Loss Patients. He has recently moved into Clinical work, whilst he finishes off his Bachelor or Exercise Physiology and QUT.

    He is a committed and understanding Personal Trainer who caters for all of his client’s needs, currently working with patients with needs relating to all things from Injury Rehabilitation to Strength and Conditioning.

    Nick has gained experience from owning and operating Fitness Centre’s and mentoring new members to the Health and Fitness Industry. He appreciates the challenge and diversity that all of his patients have and is always seeking the best solution for each individual patient.

    He believes the most basic movements we make every day are the most important to a Strength Program and progression is made beyond the Biomechanics of those movements.

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