Katty GuzmanRemedial Massage Therapist

    Katty is a physiotherapist with a post graduate diploma in Occupational
    Health and Safety, with 5 years’ experience working in private practice and in
    clinics. She has an international certificate in MAT and Movement Principles
    in Pilates from Balance Body and has leaded groups and individual sessions
    in a health rehabilitation. In her treatments Katty helps patients to improve
    their posture, to relieve back pains and to recover from an injury. Her
    experience has helped her to connect her knowledge in physiotherapy and in
    Pilates, allowing her to blend them in her massage techniques to treat
    musculoskeletal issues. Katty is trained to promote healthy lifestyle and to
    educate patients about their pain and injuries, advising them with better ways
    to maintain or restore healthy habits. In her treatments she uses a variety of
    techniques such as sport and deep tissue massage, lymphatic massage, trigger point release,
    relaxation massage and in general pain relief and methods to restore mobility.
    Katty has a keen interest in understanding the physical and psychological
    factors related to injury, especially when returning to sport or work. Katty’s
    special areas of clinical interest include: cervical headaches, back pain,
    sports and musculoskeletal injury management and prevention, workplace
    health, functional strength and Conditioning.

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