Dr Tim MorrisAssociate Osteopath

    Tim is an osteopath who completed his studies at RMIT University in 2014, graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine) and a Masters of Osteopathy.

    Since then he has gained experience working at osteopathic clinics in North Queensland and South East Melbourne and at a Centre of Allied health on the Gold Coast.

    Tim believes Osteopathy is a manual therapy suitable for all ages. With judicious assessment, and a treatment tailored to each individual, the body’s restorative functions can be engaged.

    This can relate to a wide array of complaints from common acute/chronic conditions, to work and sport related injuries, or for those simply looking to optimise their health. Tim seeks to understand any key influences surrounding injury or poor health and will strive to help educate and develop management strategies to resolve the issue both now and for the future. Tim has experience in the management of acute injuries of the spine, knee and ankle and will advise when further investigations or a specialist’s opinion is required.

    Tim uses an array of techniques consisting of soft tissue manipulation, spinal mobilisation, stretching and movement education, and has done further training in dry needling and kinesiology taping.

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