Dr Jed Pullen

Associate Osteopath
Registered Osteopath

Jed is passionate about learning and problem solving. Jed graduated Victoria University in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences) and Master of Health Science (Osteopathy)

Jed’s love of sport drives his passion for knowledge about the human body and ways to help those who are injured or in pain.  He treats a variety of conditions, acute and chronic, aiming to relieve pain and provide long term solutions to patients problems.

Jed utilises a broad range of treatment techniques tailored to the individual usually consisting of soft tissue, stretching, joint manipulation and mobilization. However he will tailor the treatment to suit your individual need in an effort to give you the most positive outcome.

Whether he works on soft tissue, stretching, joint manipulation or mobilisation, Jed aims to maintain movement, strength and fitness in each patient.

Jed is ideal for those who present with chronic pain, experienced in treating back, joint and muscular pain. He is interested in treating  injuries as a result of sport and for those seeking performance optimisation.