Dr Elischeba PlassanAssociate Osteopath

    Elischeba is from Mauritius and has spent 4 years in the United Kingdom, studying for a Master of Osteopathy at Leeds Beckett University, from which she graduated in July 2015.


    Through her mother being a nurse, Elischeba has always wanted to be part of a profession that has a positive impact on people’s health. She is so grateful to have found out about Osteopathy and is very passionate about her job as it offers her the opportunity to change people’s lives by helping them get rid of their pain but also making them feel great again.


    Throughout her clinical training, Elischeba has adopted a holistic approach, which consists mainly of structural Osteopathy. All of her treatments are patient-centred and tailored according to individual requirements. She uses a variety of techniques to achieve pain relief and restore mobility and health. An important aspect of her treatment strategy consists in educating her patients about their pain and giving them advice and exercises in order to share the responsibility of the care. She firmly believes that patients should be actively involved in their recovery, as this will help speed it up.


    Elischeba is also a good swimmer. At the age of 10, she began to train at her local aquatic club and did so for 7 years, taking part in various swimming competitions across the island. Her favorite stroke was the butterfly.


    Outside of work, Elischeba enjoys going shopping and travelling around the world to experience different cultures.

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