Dr Chun MenAssociate Osteopath

    Chun Men is an Osteopath trained at the European School of Osteopathy. He started out treating patients involved in motor vehicle accidents at the early stages of his career.

    His approach to treating patients is formed individually, based on the most relevant modality within Osteopathic medicine at any present moment. There’s a predominant application of structural techniques in the system of diagnosis and treatment with occasional functional, cranial/sacral and visceral aspects involved.

    He strongly believes in the relevance of osteopathy in restoring and optimizing the function of the body by identifying and removing any restrictions palpable using the knowledge of the human as a whole entity. Restrictions might be the reason for the manifestation of countless symptoms that we experience throughout our lives. But he also emphasizes on the need to maintain an internal and external environment that are in tuned, to promote a full expression of health.

    Yoga has been an essential part of his life and his years of practice has drawn his focus into the concept of awareness in an individual. He tries to draw links from both his Osteopathic and yogic experiences to deepen his understanding of the human body and develop a meaningful practice.





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