Dr Christopher FielderAssociate Osteopath
    Dr Christopher Fielder – Associate Osteopath

    As a member of Osteopathy Australia, Chris is a registered Osteopath holding the qualifications of Bachelor of Clinical Science and Masters of Osteopathic Medicine.
    He has a solid understanding of the biomechanics of the body, which serves as a foundation for his osteopathic treatment. He draws on an extensive collection of techniques at his disposal, which are holistically tailored to each individual patient. Favouring direct techniques such as joint manipulation, soft tissue massage and muscular techniques, Chris aims to improve your quality of life through increasing your range of movement.
    Chris takes pride in assisting all types of patients, acute or chronic, to rediscover optimal health in all aspects of life, so the patient can progress further at home.
    Chris enjoys an active lifestyle playing a range of sport in his spare time, as well as reading current literature regarding treatment approaches.

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