There is no drug in current or prospective use that holds as much promise for sustained health as a lifetime program of physical exercise.

Journal of the American Medical Association.

Exercise Physiology

At Move, Exercise Physiology is the cornerstone of remaining well and preventing further injuries or complications after a diagnosis. Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP) are niche Accredited Allied Health Professional trained in the delivery of exercise programs for any chronic condition.

AEP’s are 4 year degree trained and nationally accredited with Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA) and can work with a whole range of conditions. Some of these include back pain, arthritis, cancer, joint pains, osteoporosis and chronic pain. AEP’s treat these conditions through exercises either using Pilates either Matwork, Reformer or more traditional gym exercises and sometimes combinations of all.

AEP’s are also experts in managing client’s problems when it comes to rehabilitating a specific injury after diagnosis and initial treatment from an Osteopath, GP or post-surgery. Whether these problems occur due to lack of time, money, or equipment AEP’s are masters of adaptation as usually their clientele have multiple conditions to manage at once.

AEP’s secondary tool of rehabilitating patients is through education. We at Move believe that if you are educated about your condition it goes a long way to changing your mindset about how you feel as well as motivates you to continue the rehab process without falling off the bandwagon. Being clinicians we know that patients get busy and come up with many excuses as to why “I didn’t do my exercises” and we as Exercise Physiologists try to break these barriers down, not because we don’t believe your reasons for not doing your exercises but because we truly want to help you manage and improve your condition.

Personal Training

In our New Farm training Studio we also have fully qualified Personal trainer Nick Leask. Nick has been in the Fitness Industry for over 9 years after completing his Fitness Certificates at Queensland Academy of Fitness. He has worked with a range of patients from Sporting Teams, Injury Rehabilitation Patients to Weight Loss Patients. He has recently moved into Clinical work, whilst he finishes off his Bachelor or Exercise Physiology and QUT.

He is a committed and understanding Personal Trainer who caters for all of his client’s needs, currently working with patients with needs relating to all things from Injury Rehabilitation to Strength and Conditioning.

Nick has gained experience from owning and operating Fitness Centre’s and mentoring new members to the Health and Fitness Industry. He appreciates the challenge and diversity that all of his patients have and is always seeking the best solution for each individual patient.

Having our own in-house exercise experts and equipment allows us to easily communicate, monitor and work together as a team in achieving your goals of optimal health and condition.

We have fully equiped training studios at both New Farm and City Clinics


  • "In minds crammed with thoughts, organs clogged with toxins,  and bodies stiffened with neglect, there is just no space for anything else."

    Alison Rose Levy
  • "I take a massage each week.  This isn’t an indulgence, it's an investment in your full creative expression, productivity, passion and sustained good health."

    Robin S. Sharma
  • "The part can never be well unless the whole is well."

  • "Strive for progress not perfection"

  • “If it doesn’t challenge you. It doesn’t change you.”

    Fred DeVito
  • “Yesterday you said tomorrow.”

  • “A healthy outside starts from the inside.”

    Robert Urich
  • “The world needs what you’ve got.”

  • “Be the best version of you.”

  • “Healthy isn’t a goal, it’s a way of living.”