These are the 4 things you need to know about the patients’ journey

By Dr. Dan Hodgins, Associate Osteopath at Move Osteopathy New Farm


From the first time a patient walks through the door to the day they are back to a level of physical function where they have taken back charge of their life, it is a journey that is filled with ups and downs. I have spoken with and worked with many people that have been down this road and I’m certain there will be much more to come throughout my life.

Like almost all of my patients, I too have experienced the “patient journey” first hand on several occasions. I remember growing up and always playing sports like rugby, tennis but what I loved the most were softball and baseball. After years of playing as a pitcher and an outfielder, I put my shoulder through its paces and the results did not become apparent till later in my life. When my shoulder become an issue I was in my early 20’s, and would later find out that I had suffered what is called a labral tear ranging the whole front surface of my shoulder joint (12 o’clock to 6 o’clock), I was upset to say the least. It was in my mid 20’s I started seeing an osteopath to address my re-occurring shoulder and neck pain. After 3 treatments I was starting to notice a real change. However, it was not just the treatments but also the education my osteopath gave me as well as how to rehab and maintain my injury to regain mobility and freedom.

Now every body’s journey follows a path and although the time from injury to recovery will differ for everyone the overall course is generally the same for all.


1. Release (This is where an osteopath would be recommended)

a. Educate about the process and what’s happening in their body

b. Using Osteopathic treatment techniques to regain function in the body


2. Retrain (this can be with an osteopath / physiotherapist)

a. Educate about how to move forward safely and effectively

b. Using rehabilitative process to regain balance and mobility within the body


3. Strengthen (this can be with a physiotherapist or a PT)

a. Educate though diagrams and referrals to EP specialists

b. Using methods like Pilates, weight training,


4. Maintain (4-6 week visits with you Osteopath to track progress)

a. Educate though practice, persistence, and consistency

In my upcoming posts I will dive deeper into each stage of the patients’ journey, so stay tuned.



Written By Dr. Dan Hodgins,

Associate Osteopath at Move Osteopathy New Farm

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